What is a Mix? - It might help to think of a MIX in terms of a Beauty Pageant. Imagine that the contestants in this pageant will be judged on Talent, Speech, Evening Gown, and Swimsuit. Each of those elements are a factor. Lets say that the Judges have determined that each of those factors are equal, and since there are 4 factors each will represent 25% of the contestants total score. Some contestants might look great in a swimsuit but have not talent, others may give a great speech but not look so great in an Evening Gown. Each judge will turn in their scorecards and a winner will be determined based on the judges opinions of how the contestants did in each category.

We are judging horses based on their past performances and rather than using an opinion about who was faster or has the best jockey or turf pedigree, we are supplying hard data that you can use to make a very sophisticated decision about who will win the race.

We are giving you over 30 handicapping factors to use to judge, or handicap, which horse is going to win the race. You tell the computer which factors you want to use and how important each factor should be, and it will rank the horses instantly based on your criteria. The set of factors you use, and the values you assign to those factors are a MIX.

Its easy to create a mix! First, turn a factor on, and then assign a number to that factor. The number you assign tells the computer how important, or how much weight you want to assign to that factor. Anyone can create a mix using the Free Race of the Day, and subscribers can pick from every race running today in North America.

If you select only one factor, it doesn't really matter what value you use, since the computer is ranking the horses based on just that factor. When you select 2 or more factors then the values becomes very important since the computer will base the rankings on the values you set.

Turn on these factors and assign these values to them:
Best Lifetime Speed Number: 10
Avg. Best 2 of last 3: 30
Avg. lifetime earnings: 30
Trainer Current Meet: 10
Jockey Current Meet: 10
Distance Pedigree Rating: 10

Now you have six factors selected, and have assigned a total of 100 points to those factors. 30% of the rankings will be based on Avg. Best 2 of last 3, and 30% will be based on Avg. Lifetime earnings. The other factors will each represent 10% of the total. This is what we mean by a mix. You can select as many factors as you wish, and assign whatever point values you want to each factor. The important thing to remember is to assign higher values to the factors you think are most important in handicapping the race you are looking at. If you are unfamiliar with what each factor means you can see their definitions here: Handicapping Factors.

After you have selected your factors and assigned values to them, you will want to save that MIX and use it again when you see a similar race type. If you created a mix for a 6f dirt claiming race, you might name it "6f Dirt Clm" and then be able to pull that up anytime in the future to instantly handicap a new race using the saved settings. Only subscribers can save mixes...

MIXMAKER is a tool that allows you to pull up a previously run race, give the computer the order of finish, and it will tell you which factors and values you should have used to get the results you provided. It is a great tool to help you learn how to create mixes and to help you figure out which factors to use in specific race types. MixMaker is only available to monthly subscribers.

The MixLibrary allows you to use mixes that we have created or that have been submitted by users. Just click the Add To My Mixes button and you will be able to use any of those mixes on the races you are handicapping. Only monthly subscribers have access to the Mix Library.