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Handicapping is an art and a science. Betmix allows you to test your intuitive thoughts about what makes one horse better than another, and combine them into a MIX that can be applied to similar races at the touch of a button. You can also test your saved MIXES against previously run races to test the accuracy of your MIX and fine tune it if necessary.

The best way to understand how BETMIX works is to jump in and start experimenting with the FREE RACE OF THE DAY.

If you've ever handicapped a horse race before, you understand that there are numerous factors that you will use to select the horse that is most likely to win. But, how do you combine those factors and how do you assign importance to each of them? With BETMIX, it is incredibly simple, and the results are incredibly accurate and sophisticated.

Let's think about a typical race. We'll use a 1 1/16 mile turf claiming race as our example. When handicapping a turf race you would normally start by looking for horses with proven turf ability or a strong turf pedigree. In the BETMIX interface, you would turn on the Slider for TURF PEDIGREE RATING, AVG EARNINGS ON TURF, and BEST SPEED ON TURF. You would then select a value, or weight, to assign to each of those factors. Lets say that you consider the AVG EARNINGS ON TURF to be the most important factor, and that TURF PEDIGREE RATING and BEST SPEED ON TURF are about equal in importance. Move the slider for AVG EARNINGS ON TURF to 20 (or you can type the value in the field), then set the values for TURF PEDIGREE RATING and BEST SPEED ON TURF each to 10.

You have just created your first MIX!

What your MIX is saying is that of the three factors you have selected and weighted, you are giving the most importance to AVG EARNINGS ON TURF, and you consider that factor to be twice as important as the pedigree or speed factor. You can adjust the sliders and see the results change instantly on the screen. There are numerous other factors that you may wish to introduce into your MIX, and you can experiment with them until you have the perfect MIX for a 1 1/6 Mile turf claiming race. Once you are satisfied with your MIX settings, save it (Save feature is only available to subscribers) and give it a meaningful name such as Turf116mileClm. The next time you encounter a similar race you can select your saved MIX from the drop down menu in the MY MIX toolbar and apply it to the current race, or select a race from the historical races section to see how accurate your MIX was for previously run races.

BETMIX is a fun and extremely powerful handicapping tool that will allow you to not only analyze races, but analyze the way you think about handicapping. You will discover which factors are more significant than others, and will gain a greater insight into what it takes to develop a winning handicapping strategy.