birddog_big_icon BirdDog
The ultimate handicapping experience. Total control over how you handicap, allows you to customize your display and provide you with all the data you need to make the best handicapping decisions possible.
angler_big_icon Angler
Big Data for horse racing. Search for profitable angles for any handicapping situation. Query our database of over 170,000 races.
command_center_big_icon Command Center
Information about all of today's races on one screen. Plan your racing day and strategies with detailed handicapping information.
historical_races_big_icon Historical Races
Handicap past races to check the accuracy of your mixes and create new mixes using historical data.
all_races_big_icon All Races Report
Pick a date and a track, and instantly handicap every race on the card on one screen.
mix_maker_big_icon MixMaker
Select a past race, tell the computer who won, and let BETMIX create the ideal mix for you. Use it again on future races with similar conditions.
pp_pdf_big_icon Past Performances
View and download past performance information in pdf format.
race_search_big_icon Race Search
Search the Betmix database to find horse races by date, track, distance, surface, type, etc.
mix_library_big_icon MixLibrary
Free resource to add Mixes created by users and Betmix staff. Search for Mixes by track, surface, distance, etc.
my_mix_report_big_icon Race Results
Test your mixes against race results and see profit/loss update instantly as you change mixes or update factors.
create_my_report_big_icon Create My Report
Build a custom report containing specific races that meet your criteria.
test_my_report_big_icon Test My Report
Test your custom report with interactive results and use Power Factors to help you create the best Mix.
BetPad_logo_big_greyed BetPad Notes
See all of your saved notes about races you have handicapped.
mobile_view_big_icon Mobile View
Use the mobile version of Betmix on your desktop computer.