A few new Betmix tools and features

New Betmix tools and features to help you win more races!       

Hope everyone had a profitable Triple Crown season!

We've added a few new features that we hope you will find helpful:

Color Coded Running Lines  
When you bring up the Horse Information Box (Click on the horse's name) you will now see running lines.  We have color coded them to help you easily see the running style of the horse.  The colors are displayed in shades of:  RED (Far back), YELLOW (Mid pack) and GREEN (On the lead).
Here is an example of a classic "Closer", as the colors in the running lines go from Red to Green."
Closer running style horse racing

This horse is a typical "Front runner" who is on or near the lead throughout the race

New Tools for Scoring Mixes
When you test or create a Mix in Race Results or Test My Report you are now able to see the profit, number of wins and win %. You will find this useful when you are creating a Mix since you can now build your mixes to find the highest ROI or the most Winners in a particular category.  If you are looking at a sample of 15 races you may find that the most profitable Mix returned a profit of $50 on win bets, but it only picked 3 winners who paid around $25 each, or you may decide to go with the most consistent Mix that picked 9 winners who were shorter prices and returned a profit of $30. As you know, there are several strategies for building Mixes and many users have started creating several Mixes for each race type.  One Mix may focus on finding the most winners, another on potential longshots, and yet another to find the most Trifectas.  Depending on how you like to bet, you should create multiple Mixes tailored to the types of bets you make.

Here is an example of a Mix for 6f dirt Claiming  races at Finger Lakes. Looking at the last 25 races that were run under those conditions the top ranked horse ran at least 3rd in 24 out of 25 races.  The one race that it did not run 3rd was a field of only 4 horses, so there was no show betting! It ran second in that race (05/27). The profit for making a show bet on those 25 races is not enormous, but if you are Show bettor or are looking for a Key horse in your Trifectas or Supers, this would be a good place to start.  If you are interested in adding this Mix to your saved mixes it can be found in the MixLibrary and is called " Finger Lakes 6f Dirt Clm"
MixMaker Results added
In the past when using MixMaker to help you build a Mix you had to click a button to find the race results and then manually enter that information.  Now the information for the top 3 horses is added automatically.  You can also see the finish position for each horse in the race which helps when you go to "tweak" the mix.

We hope that you all find these new features to be useful and that they help you cash more tickets. We have several exciting new features in the works and will continue to work towards making Betmix the most accurate and easy to use handicapping software available!