All Races Handicapping Report

We are excited to introduce a new report feature available to monthly subscribers - the ALL RACES REPORT. This report will allow you to select a saved mix, or use the sliders, and see the results for all races on one screen.

There are numerous advantages to this handicapping report. If you thought Betmix allowed you to handicap quickly before, this report takes it to a whole new level. You can now look for standout horses on a race card in seconds. For example - if you are looking for Early Pace (lone speed) horses, you can turn on Avg. Last E1 Pace and see if there are horses on today's card that have big point ranking advantages over the rest of the field.

This report is great for screening races, especially for those of you who look for point differences in their Mixes. For example, if you only play races where your top horse in a Mix is 10 points ahead of the 2nd ranked horse you can spot those races at a glance.Screening races is a great way to use Betmix. Screen for pace scenarios by only turning on AVG of last 3 E1 and quickly see which races may have a lone speed horse. Or for those of you who make use of the Red and Green arrows, you can easily spot races where there is a lone "Double Green" horse, or a race where the field is loaded with "Double Red" declining horses.We have heard from a few longshot hunters that races where the entire field is only separated by 10 points in Avg. Best 2 of last 3 speed often produces a big payout. This tool will make spotting those types of races much quicker - you can look through an entire card in a few seconds and then focus on handicapping those races that meet your criteria in more detail. Or if you are a handicapper who looks for standout favorites you can quickly find races that are unplayable because the fields are too evenly matched.

This report will also assist you in creating new mixes. When creating a new mix for a track its a great idea to look at the past results for that track and turn on 1 factor at a time to see where horses who ranked the highest in that category actually finished. Using this report makes that quick and easy.

For example, pulling up the Equibase results for Santa Anita on Dec. 30th 2012, and then bringing up the All Race Reprt and turning on Avg Last 3 Late Pace you will see that the top ranked horse hit the board in 6 of 9 races. The horses ranked on top in Avg Lifetime earnings hit the board in 7 of 9 races. Using the All Races Report you can do this very quickly and start creating mixes based on the most predictive factors. You will then refine those mixes by looking at race types and distances, and you can create very accurate handicapping methods for different tracks in a short time.