Tips for handicapping Keeneland

A few mixes to get you started at Keeneland

The Keeneland Spring meet starts on Friday, and we have created a few mixes to help you get out of the gate quickly.
These mixes are based on the results of the Keeneland Fall meet that occurred in October of 2014, the first meet held on the the new dirt surface.
We have mixes for Dirt Sprint (races less than 1 mile), Dirt Route (1 mile and longer) and a Turf Route (1 mile and longer on the turf). There was not a large enough sample of races to create a Turf Sprint mix.  Please note that these mixes and results do not include any maiden races.If you are a monthly or yearly subscriber to Betmix you can find these mixes in theMix Library.

They are named:
Keeneland Dirt Route, Keeneland Dirt Sprint and Keeneland Turf Route
Go to Tools/Mix Library ( and then select Keeneland in the track dropdown and hit the SEARCH button and all of them will show up.

The results for the mixes were pretty good, and should provide a great starting point for building out your Keeneland mixes for the Spring Meet.