Betmix Angler Breeders’ Cup Picks

We took a look at the last 4 years worth of Breeders' Cup races in Angler to see what factors and rankings were common among winners. The goal was to narrow down the contenders in each race to those that match the profile of previous winners.
Four years is a small sample, but that's all we have to work with!

For Each Breeders' Cup race we list the factors that applied to every previous winner in each race type, show you which horses are ranked in those factors and then which horses qualify this year.

Here is an example, using the BC Classic:

Looking at the past 4 BC Classic races, every winner was ranked in the Top 4 for Avg E2 Pace, in the Top 4 for In the Money % and Top 5 in Speed Last Race.

This year 3 horses qualify in every factor: Gun Runner, Arrogate, and West Coast.

That is not a surprise, as those 3 horses are probably the three favorites in the race.

It is also useful to look at the horses that are ranked highly in several of the factors, but didn't qualify in every one.  Those are also logical horses to bet as well...
In some cases you will notice that the factor is limited to being ranked in the top 5, but we are showing more than 5 horses.  This is because of ties, and in some cases a horse may have missed the cut by a very small fraction, so we also included them.

Breeders' Cup is always tough, almost every horse in each race has a legitimate chance of winning. This information should help you narrow down the fields and put you on some logical contenders that you might not have considered.

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