Handicapping the Rainbow Pick 6

We receive many emails from subscribers that have made big scores using Betmix to help them handicap. Here is a great email we received yesterday, along with photo evidence!

Hey Dave!

Just wanted to send you a pic of my winning Pick6 ticket from yesterday (Feb 18th).

As you can see I only put $3.00 into it, but I'll be damned - I hit it! Didn't win the whole jackpot but my ticket was worth $4,613.15. Not bad for a $3 investment...

I've been working on my Gulfstream mixes for a few weeks and have settled on using heavy speed factors for the dirt races, and for turf I mainly use turf pedigree, distance pedigree and trainer/jock year stats.

You can share this on your website if you want. Thanks again for the cool tool! Let me know next time you're at Keeneland - drinks are on me!

Chris S.

Nice hit Chris - well done! Chris is exactly right about one thing - Betmix is a tool. Like most tools, you have to know how to use it in order to get the job done. Chris has taken the time to develop mixes that work for the race types and track that he plays. Through trial and error over several weeks he has looked at past data and found what works most of the time. No mix is going to work every single time you use it, but as you start to realize which factors are most important in certain race types you will be able to bet with confidence - a $3 pick 6 ticket is pretty damn confident!

And before you ask - the answer is NO. Chris has not agreed to share his Gulfstream Mixes in the MixLibrary. But the information he has provided in his email should give you a head start in handicapping Gulfstream Park - who knows, you may come up with the next winning Rainbow Pick 6 ticket.