Horse Ranking System

We have a new feature at Betmix, called RANKINGS. If you look at a race screen you will see a new button on the menu called rankings:

Clicking this button will open a pop-up window that will give you detailed information about where a horse ranks within the 30+ handicapping factors we offer as part of our handicapping system. Each factor is listed, with the rankings of the horses to the right of the factor name:

Looking at the information above as an example you can see where each horse ranked in a specific category. Looking at the Best Speed at the Distance factor you can see that the horses are ranked 2,4,1,5,3 - Horse #2 has the fastest speed at today's distance and horse #3 is the slowest. LEARN HOW TO CREATE A MIX USING THE RANKINGS

The Overall Rankings chart looks at every factor in the race and then assigns points to each horse based on where they ranked. In a 10 horse field, if a horse was ranked on top for a factor he would get 10 points, the second ranked horse would get 9, and so on down to the last ranked horse who would get 1 point.

You can use the rankings feature as a stand alone handicapping tool that will give you an indication of how well matched the field is. When you find that the highest ranked horse has a very large point advantage you may be on to a sure thing! Or, when all of the horses are very closely ranked you might want to pass the race or back the horse with the highest odds.

The goal of the rankings information is to help you create more accurate mixes very quickly. When you look at past race results and want to build mixes that will predictive in future races you can use the rankings information to identify the handicapping factors that produced the most winners in the race types you are looking at. You can also use the rankings information to potentially explain longshot results. If you look at a span of races where the winner paid over $20, you can try to find common factors where the longshot horses were ranked highly, and they use those factors with heavier weighting in future races to find longshot scenarios.

The Rankings button is available in Today's Races, Historical Races, MixMaker, and the Free Race of the Day.