Quick handicapping method using Betmix

A Quick handicapping method using Betmix

There is a lot of information available in Betmix and its always helpful to take a look at some of the stats and features in a little more detail.
We often get questions about what certain things mean, or about how to use one of the tools.  Hopefully this handicapping method will explain some of the stats in more detail and give you some ideas on how to use BETPAD, one of our more popular tools.The TOP 4 stat and the ACCURACY stat 

The race profile stats contain information about how good each factor is at predicting the type of race you are looking at. There is information about Win%, Place%, Show %, Accuracy, Win ROI, Place ROI, Show ROI, TOP 4 and Advantage.  We get a lot of questions about Accuracy and TOP 4, so lets take a look at those in more detail.

The ACCURACY stat tells you how well a particular factor is at predicting the correct order of finish for the race.  If a factor had a score of 100, that would mean that the factor always predicted the correct order of finish for the top 4 finishers in the race - the top ranked horse always won, the 2nd ranked horse always ran 2nd, the 3rd ranked horse always ran 3rd, and the 4th ranked horse always ran 4th.  A cold superfecta every race!  Unfortunately, you will never see a factor with a score of 100...  However, factors that have an accuracy rating in the 30's and above are excellent to use when handicapping for exactas, trifectas, etc.

The TOP 4 stat tells you what percentage of the time a horse ranked in the top 4 for a particular factor wins the race.  Looking at the above screen shot, the factor Trainer Current Year has a TOP 4 score of 80%, which means that in the sample of similar races, a horse ranked in the Top 4 for Trainer current year won 80% of the time.  It is not unusual to see TOP 4 scores in the high 80's or even low 90's.  If you are a tournament player and are handicapping a race that has a factor with a high TOP 4 score you can feel very good about finding the winner in one of the 4 top ranked horses within that factor.
Each column in the factor detail table is sortable.  If you click on title of the column it will sort the factors from high to low. So, if you are looking for the factor that has the best Accuracy Score or Best Top 4 score, just click to sort and those will be at the top.
Using several factors in BetPad
Betmix is all about combining data, and using factors in combination to achieve a better overall result.  When you combine the best Accuracy Factor with the Best TOP 4 factor the results can be very powerful.  You can do that in a few ways (use the sliders) or you can click the Factor name within the table and it will be added to Bet Pad for you.
Its probably easier to watch how that is done than to explain it in an email, so take a look at this quick video to see how you can use a few key factors to come up with a very solid handicapping approach with just a few clicks.Combining Factors and Mixes in BetPad

Quick handicapping method using Betmix