A few new Betmix Handicapping Tools

Three new Betmix tools:

1. Updated Horse pop-up info
When you click on a horse's name in Betmix you will see that horse's PP info.  We have added several new things to that screen.

A. If the horse had a layoff of more than 45 days, you will see that number in RED by the date of the race. You can use this information to see how well a horse typically runs back from a layoff.

B.  The AVG speed rating for each horse in the race that has run at today's distance and surface.  Speed ratings that are better than AVG will appear in Green and races where the speed rating was below AVG will appear in Red. This is very useful information for judging what it will take to win today's race and will help you easily spot capable horses.

C. The top three finishers in each previous start for the horse, horses listed in BOLD are running in today's race.

D. Trip comments for each previous race.

Take a look at this in the Free Race of the Day.

2. Detailed Track Report

When you click the TRACK REPORT button on any race screen you will see a pop up window that contains valuable information about the races being run at that track.

A. Winning posts positions for Dirt Sprints (less than a mile), Dirt Routes (mile or longer), Turf  Sprints and Turf Routes.

B. Information about what winning horses in each race type are paying.

C. The percentage of favorites that are winning each race type.  In the example above for Gulfstream West, you can see that there have been 205 races this meet and favorites have won 68 of those races (33%).  Dirt Route races have been the most predictable (40% favorites) and Turf Sprints have been the least predictable (26% favorites)

Take a look at this in the Free Race of the Day.

3. Sire, Trainer and Jockey report in the Handicapping Journal.

The Handicapping Journal is now listing data for Sires, Trainers and Jockeys.

List of the 10 sires with the most runners on the previous day, and current day. When you click on a horses name you will see detailed information about each runner sired by that stallion.  Where they ran, what type of race, purse, ML odds, finish position, purse money won, and $2 win bet pay out.  The information in the list is show a total for each horse.

The same information tables are available for the 10 trainers with the most runners and 10 jockeys with the most mounts.

Looking at this information will give you a better feel for what sires are producing the most winners, and what types of races they are doing well with.

Take a look at the Handicapping Journal everyday and see who is hot and who is not...