Sharp Angles – Blue Grass S.

Blue Grass S. (G1) at Keeneland
9F on Dirt (April 9)

Horse Racing Data Analyzed: Last 9 Blue Grass Stakes
Date Range: January 1, 2012 - Present
Sharp Angle: Ranked 1st in Last Late Pace
Factor Stats: 10 contenders, 4 winners (40%, $15.60 Win Return, 178 ROI%), 6 place & show (60%, $3.60 Place Return & $1.30 Show Return)

The Blue Grass Stakes is back to being a Grade 1 and this year´ s field of 12 is certainly worthy of its restored top tier status. Of course, this doesn´ t make things any easier for horseplayers.

We took the Betmix Angler online handicapping database for a spin and found that Last Late Pace has pointed to 4 of the past 9 Blue Grass champs while generating a solid $15.60 Win Return along with plus figures in the Place and Show spots.

Two of those winners, Dance With Fate ($14.80) and Java´ s War ($11.20) came during the "All Weather" era that contributed to the temporary downgrade of the Blue Grass to a Grade 2. However, the last two Blue Grass winners, Art Collector ($6.60) and Essential Quality ($3.00), have also ranked first in this handicapping factor.

Find this race in Betmix Birddog and use the Last Late Pace slider to see which horse ranks first in this factor. That’s the Sharp Angles play.

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