Sharp Angles – Matt Winn S.

Matt Winn S. (G3)
8.5F on Dirt (May 23)
Horse Racing Data Analyzed: Last 7 runnings of the Matt Winn
Date Range: January 1, 2012 - Present
Sharp Angle: Ranked 1st Average Speed Last 3
Factor Stats: 7 contenders, 6 winners (85%, $30.60 flat win bet return, 318 ROI%), 7 place/show (100%, $11.20 flat Place Return, $4.20 Show Return)

In a normal year, Saturday's Matt Winn Stakes at Churchill Downs would attract a moderate-sized field comprised largely Triple Crown refugees and later-blooming sophomores intent on making a summer splash.

This year it's drawn a large and competive field of colts trying to make the cut for the upside down 2020 Triple Crown. Fortunately for handicappers the Betmix Angler online handicapping database provides a steady and consistent stream of important data.

An Angler scan tells us that horses ranking first in the Average Speed Last 3 handicapping factor have triumphed in 6 of the past 7 running of the Matt Winn. Among those is 2018 King Zachary, who returned $26.60 to his backers and the only contender not to win, Fame and Power in 2015, completed the exacta.

Find this race in Betmix Birddog and use the Average Speed Last 3 slider to see which horse ranks first in this factor. That’s the Sharp Angles play.

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