Sharp Angles – Ohio Derby

Ohio Derby (G3) at Thistledown
9F on Dirt (June 25)

Horse Racing Data Analyzed: Last 5 runnings of the Ohio Derby
Date Range: January 1, 2012 - Present
Sharp Angle: Ranked 1st in Avg. Best 2 of Last 3 Speed
Factor Stats: 5 contenders, 3 winners (60%, $32.20 Win Return, 422 ROI%), 4 Place/Show (80%, $9.80 Place Return, $4.20 Show Return)

Saturday's Grade 3 Ohio Derby kicks of the "second season" for the 3-year-old division. A field of 8 lines up for the $500,000 race, including a trio of Kentucky Derby alumni.

A scan of the Betmix Angler online handicapping database reveals that the Avg. Best 2 of Last 3 Speed handicapping factor has pointed to 3 of the past 5 Ohio Derby champions. This group includes Dean Martini, who rewarded his backers with a $31.20 Win mutuel in 2020.

Find this race in Betmix Birddog and use the Avg. Best 2 of Last 3 Speed slider to see which horse ranks first in this factor. That’s the Sharp Angles play.

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