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Betmix Tip – Which Factor Group is Best?

We recently added a Handicapping Overview widget to BirdDog that contains a quick ranking of the horses in the race based on several different approaches.
One of the sections we added was for Factor Groups. It shows how the horses rank in each factor category (Speed, Pace, Earnings, Trainer/Jock, etc.)We have added a handy icon next to each of those buttons that indicates how important the factor groups are. Depending on the race type you are handicapping the most important group will change. Speed may be very important when handicapping a 6F dirt allowance race at Aqueduct, but when you are working on a 1 mile turf claimer at Tampa you better look at Trainer/Jockey stats.The factor group buttons are also weighted appropriately.  There are 11 speed based factors, so depending on which race type you are looking at the weights of each of those factors will be different when you look at the Speed rankings.

Pay attention to the little "Signal Strength" icon next to each factor group button to see how important it is: