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Betmix Tip – Mixbot

 If you are using Birddog, and the Handicapping Overview widget you will see some new information in the MixBot section.

The MixBot is performing a few tasks for you.  First of all it will search the database for the most recent similar race.  A similar race is one that was run at the same track, surface, distance and class as the one you are handicapping.

Once it finds that race it runs MixMaker to find the best Mix, then comes back and applies that mix to the current race for you. It will then put those rankings in the Handicapping Overview widget for you. The MixBot will then repeat the process, finding the most recent race won by a favorite (winner paid less than $6.00), and finally the most recent race won by a longshot (winner paid more than $15.00).

When you see the same horses showing up in the top spots for all three mix combinations you can be pretty confident in the selection.

Sometimes the most recent race will be the same as the most recent favorite or longshot race - if that happens then you will only see two lines of rankings in the MixBot section.

Give it a try now:  BirdDog Free Race of the day