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Betmix Angler

We've been hard at work on a fantastic new tool called "Angler".

An angle is simply a trend that has occurred in the past with enough frequency to be profitable that you use as a guide to find bets in the future. More on angles and Angler later....

Our Angler interface is not quite ready yet, but we have started mining that data, and have made some really neat stuff available to you in Bird Dog.
Click on the options tab in BirdDog:

Then put a check by "Angler Analysis"

When you add that widget to BirdDog you can grab a massive amount of data about the horses, trainers, jockeys, owners, sires, post positions and odds for the race you are looking at.

This table shows you information about what each horse in the race has done over the last 2 years.

Take a look at the first horse, #1 Favorite Coach.

He is in post #1, and has run 19 races over the last 2 years.

If you would have bet $2 to win on Favorite Coach in every one of his races you would have made a profit of $27.40.  He is a profitable horse for a bettor. If you would have bet $2 win on #6 Fleet Gold Digger in each of his 23 races you would have lost $39.60 - not a profitable horse.  Does this matter?  Are certain horses better spotted by their connections?  Does a profitable horse mean that it wins at big odds?  Are certain horses always over bet and never win?

If you spend a little time looking at the info in this table you can learn quite a bit.

Favorite Coach wins 21% of the time, runs at least 2nd 53% of the time and hits the board 68% of the time.  His average finish position is 2.95, his average odds are about 8:1 and when he wins he going off at about 7:1.

Angler Analysis will show you similar data for Trainers, Jockeys, Owners, Sires, Post, Off Odds, etc.

People are very familiar with Trainer and Jockey stats, but we are going to show you owner stats too. Do certain owners win more often than others?  Why is that? Is it just because they have a few good horses or is it because they manage their stables better?  Are they more involved with placing their horses in the right spots and hold their trainers more accountable for results?
Do you want to bet on a horse owned by someone who is a proven winner, or do you want to take your chances betting on a horse owned by someone who never seems to find the winner's circle?
So many questions...

If you want to win consistently betting on horses you need to be very curious. You should always be wondering why something happened and know what kind of chances you have with a particular horse.

BetMix Angler (Coming Soon!) will allow you to ask virtually any question you can think of and get an answer.  When you find a profitable "angle" you can save it and then find those situations when they occur in the future.

We have been working on Angler since early this year and we believe it will be the most valuable handicapping tool you will ever use.

ANGLER will be part of BETMIX PRO, a new subscription level that will be priced higher than our normal subscription rate.

But - if you are currently a subscriber to Betmix you will not be charged more to access Angler or to use the Angler Analysis widget in BirdDog.  As long as you are a subscriber in good standing you will get all of the benefits of Angler at your current subscription level.

Give it a try now:  BirdDog Free Race of the day


All new subscriptions through the month of July will also be upgraded to Betmix Pro, so if you are interested in what Angler can do and like what you see when you use the Angler Analysis widget then please become a monthly or yearly subscriber prior to August 1st so that you do not have to pay the higher rate for BetMix Pro.

Learn more about Angler Analysis and ANGLER in this video: