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X-Ray Button

Now you can get a much better picture of how each horse ranks in every handicapping factor.

The Factor Statistics section of BirdDog always showed how all the factors were ranked, from best to worst, and allowed you to sort based on things like Win%, ROI, etc. You could also see which horses were ranked in the top 4 for each of those factors.

If you wanted to see how every horse in the race was ranked, not just the top 4, or how closely ranked the horses were, you would have had to have given a value to the factor and look at the main table. Essentially you were creating a 1-factor mix for each factor you wanted to investigate.

Now, with the new X-RAY button you can see each factor with every horse ranked from best to worst and also see how closely they are ranked. You can also click on any horse number to isolate that horse within the rankings.

Have a look at this quick video to get more information about X-RAY and some ideas on how it can dramatically improve your handicapping.
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