Looking for Longshots

Betmix introduced the Handicapping Journal in November and feedback from our users has been overwhelmingly positive. The Journal provides an at-a-glance look at the previous day's results as well as a preview of the current day's racing landscape.

One way to use the Journal is to analyze the day's longshots listed in the Highest Paying Winners section.

Betmix subscribers can click through to pull up the Mix Maker page for that race. From there, click the Run MixMaker button to see if the Mix generated would have put the longshot winner the top selection (or close). If so, look to make sure the Mix uses factors that will likely be predictive in future races of that type.

Once a satisfactory Mix is isolated it can then be tested using the Race Profile report.

Let's take the January 2 San Gabriel Stakes at Santa Anita as an example of this process. The winner of the 8F Grade 2 stake on the grass was Flamboyant ($94.20). The Run Mix Maker button reveals that weighting just two factors equally, Last Turn Time and Distance Worked Since Last Race would have made Flamboyant a strong top choice.

RunMixMakerYour Mix

Anecdotally we can buy this. Last Turn Time and recent workout factors can certainly be indicative of a horse rounding into his/her best form and these more subtle factors can easily be overlooked by the majority of handicappers.

Clicking the Race Profile Report brings up all the 8-9 furlong turf stakes at Santa Anita going back to 2013. In this case we find a good sample size of 30 races. Using the sliders below the Results tabulation on the right side of the screen we can weight our two factors equally. By doing this we find that this Mix has pointed to five other winners, including an $85.40 winner (and a $31.00 place horse) just last May!

Win, Place, Show & exotic percentages are shown along with profit figures. All of these are incredibly strong. For instance, the win profit (for a $2 wager) is over $200 and the (top 4) trifecta box profit rings up at $731.50! (see full Results below).

Once a strong Mix like this is isolated it can be saved to your Mix Library for use on future races of the same type.