Sharp Angles – Laurel Dash S.

Laurel Dash S. at Laurel
5.5F on Turf (October 2)

Horse Racing Data Analyzed: Last 48 5.5-furlong turf stakes at Laurel Park
Date Range: January 1, 2012 - Present
Sharp Angle: Ranked 1st Average Last 3 E1 Pace
Factor Stats: 54 contenders, 14 winners (25%, $87.20 Win Return, 180 ROI%), 19 Place (35%, $10.70 Place Return), 25 Show (46%, $4.90)

The 12-horse Laurel Dash is one of five stakes on a fantastic fall Saturday card at Laurel. With a full field going 5.5 furlongs over the Laurel lawn we turned to the Betmix Angler online handicapping database for some help.

Sure enough, Angler tells us that 1st Average Last 3 E1 Pace has pointed to 25% winners of this racetype AND an incredible $87.20 Win Return. This handicapping factor has also generated healthy positive Place & Show Returns.

Find this race in Betmix Birddog and use the 1st Average Last 3 E1 Pacet slider to see which horse ranks first in this factor. That’s the Sharp Angles play.

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