Sharp Angles – Tampa Bay Derby

Tampa Bay Derby. (G2) at Tampa Bay Downs
8.5F on Dirt (March 6)

Horse Racing Data Analyzed: Last 18 8.5-furlong graded dirt stakes at Tampa Bay Downs
Date Range: January 1, 2012 - Present
Sharp Angle: Ranked 1st in Avg. Last 3 E2 Pace
Factor Stats: 18 contenders, 7 winners (38%, $29.60 flat win bet return, 182 ROI%), 10 show (55%)

The Tampa Bay Derby is typically one of the most intriguing Kentucky Derby preps as it tends to attract a couple of proven stakes 3-year-olds and many more seeking to graduate from promising maiden or allowance performances.

This year's 12-horse edition is no different so we took the Betmix Angler online handicapping database for a spin. The query uncovered the Avg. Last 3 E2 pace handicapping factor that's pointed to 38% winners of this race type. Even more encouraging is the fact that those scorers produced a healthy $29.60 Win Return as well.

Find this race in Betmix Birddog and use the Avg. Last 3 E2 Pace slider to see which horse ranks first in this factor. That’s the Sharp Angles play.

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