February Handicapping Myths

Xpressbet.com & Horseplayer.com's Jeremy Plonk has been using the Betmix online handicapping database to investigate some common handicapping myths. Read & click below for his February discoveries.

Did They Know?

If there’s one thing that horseplayers – almost without fail – believe, it’s that inside information abounds, especially with first-time starters and horses coming off of long layoffs. The assumption is that rumors spread and money follows. And not only is that influence prevalent, it’s accurately on the money.
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When the Morning Line Dives

The suggestion that any horse bet down hard off its morning line qualifies in that vein prompted me back to the database. Is it true? That’s the entire point of this series. Let’s find out.
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Do Second-Time Starters Improve the Most?

A time-honored, bandied-about phrase among handicappers and horsemen has been that you can expect a horse making his or her second start to show their biggest leap forward in their career. The assumption is that the initial experience and a more seasoned and fit runner in the second appearance provides a recipe for instant improvement.
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