Sharp Angles – Buena Vista Stakes

Buena Vista S. (G2) at Santa Anita
8F on Turf (February 23)
Horse Racing Data Analyzed: 79 8-furlong graded turf stakes at Santa Anita
Date Range: January 1, 2012 - Present
Sharp Angle: Ranked 1st in Average Turf Earnings
Factor Stats: 79 contenders, 28 winners (35%, $33.40 flat win bet return, 121 ROI%), 30 win/place (49%, $5.00 flat place bet return)

With the President's Day weekend behind us there is a dearth of stakes races being contested across North America this Saturday and Sunday. However, that doesn't mean there aren't some good wagering opportunities. The Grade 2 Buena Vista at Santa Anita carries the highest grade of the 11 stakes on the North American docket and it's a race worth targeting based on our query of the vast Betmix database.

Using the Betimx Angler handicapping software we discovered that the Average Turf Earnings factor has yielded 28 winners of the past 79 one-mile turf stakes at Santa Anita (35%). Just shy of half of the qualifiers have factored in the exacta and this angle has produced a buena Win Return of $33.40.

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